Vacuum Thermal Desorption (VTD) Technology

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The simplicity of the procedure

VTD contrasts with the many challenges posed by its application at industrial scale. Submitting cork to vacuum pressures 100 million times weaker than those to which it is subject at atmospheric pressure is no easy task.

After extensive research and trials on a range of prototypes, Tratacork has successfully overcome these challenges.

Using state-of-the-art technology to deliver the required levels of heat and vacuum to cork, Tratacork has designed and built several units, now successfully operating.

These units have been designed to be:

  • Simple, easy to operate.

  • Rapid and effective; they are also small-scale, making them cost-effective.

  • Energy-efficient.


At TRATACORK, we work to develop innovative technological solutions and services, aimed at producing excellent quality cork stoppers.

With this aim, TRATACORK makes its VTD technology available to stopper manufacturers, enabling them to eliminate the risk of contamination by TCA and other contaminants, while guaranteeing the absolute sensorial neutrality of their product.


TRATACORK, designs and builds licensed equipment to treat cork in granule, stopper and disc forms, tailored to the requirements and specifications of each client.

We provide technological support and action protocols to optimise TCA elimination from a range of stopper types, at different contamination levels. We also offer training in VTD technology and operating the equipment.

Developing solutions

As R&D&I experts and consultants, TRATACORK is equipped to deal with many of the problems that arise in stopper manufacture and quality control, offering the best solutions.

At your service

Additionally, TRATACORK offers a cork cleaning service for companies who wish to improve the quality of their stoppers but who, due to size or other constraints, are not interested in acquiring the technology.

Discover the future

The organoleptic neutrality of natural and technical cork, retaining its natural properties

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